Clean, Natural, Sustainable, Traceable

Who We Are

  • Culinary Collaborations LLC (CCL) is a family-owned company located in Rochester, NY, actively building all-natural clean and green food programs, focusing mainly on full retail-to-go sushi programs.
  • CCL is a unique team of sushi industry experts specializing in development, manufacturing, handling, importing and distributing top-end sushi ingredients and seafood.
  • Carefully selected production partners worldwide meet our customers’ expectations for quality, all-natural, sustainable and ethically sourced seafood at the optimal prices. By leveraging our expertise, we deliver a global supply of unique, high-quality ingredients to your door in the most optimal, cost-effective format.
  • Quality and food safety are cornerstone principles of CCL as we received the BRC Global Standards certificate in 2020. Food Safety is embedded into everything we do.
  • We are sustainability leaders, acting as a working member of the Tuna Supply Roundtable and Octopus Supply Roundtable and received our Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Chain of Custody Certificate in 2020. We are proud partners with FishChoice and follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch sustainability recommendations.
  • We are leaders in seafood traceability standards, working as an active member of the Global Dialogue Seafood Traceability (GDST) to deliver GDST 1.0 seafood traceability global standards.


CCL encompasses a broad range of focused capabilities. We do not sell products — we deliver solutions and earn our keep from delivering outstanding results.

We provide food research, food safety consultancy, quality assurance, market research, product development, importer, Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP), and distribution services.

Analyse Consumer trends and insights, menu and new product development, Sustainable sourcing


When presented with an objective or a problem, our team focuses on finding creative and innovative ways to achieve the goal.

We are your team and your resource, for everything from sourcing and developing custom recipes, compiling market research, and presenting competitive cuttings, to leveraging economies of scale when sourcing commodities.. 


We’ve worked collaboratively to develop the leanest supply chain in supermarket sushi in the USA.

Using our considerable experience, we source and develop products

Our Mission is to assist customers in discovering the finest all-natural, sustainable, traceable ingredient producers worldwide and, once found, assist those producers to meet USA compliance standards using best food safety practices.

Our Vision is to provide value across a variety of food programs using our problem-solving expertise and client-focused solutions.


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Tel:  (585) 207-0994

Address: 116 St Paul Street, Suite C, Rochester, NY 14604


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